1.  Glycerin
    Glycerin is a natural by-product of the soap making process that
    softens and soothes the skin.  Most large commercial producers
    extract the glycerin during the manufacturing process so they can sell
    it separately for a higher profit margin.  In fact, those soaps aren't
    soap any longer, but are detergents and can't legally be called  
    "soap".  They must be called something else like "beauty bar" or
    "body bar".  Our handmade soaps still have all of this wonderful
    glycerin inside the bar, providing for a higher quality product that is
    better for your skin.

2.  Quality
    Handmade soap is made from the finest ingredients.  Most
    commercially made soaps (more accurately called "detergents") are
    made with such ingredients as petro-chemicals and other fillers and
    additives, which allows them to sell them cheaply.  Our soap is made
    with ingredients such as coconut oil, olive oil, shea butter, cocoa
    butter, essential oils and herbs and is much more beneficial to your

3.  Great Value
    Handmade soap, when properly stored and used, will last much longer
    than commercially made bars.  The key to long-lasting handmade
    soap is to keep it as dry as possible while, not allowing it to set in
    water for any lengthy period of time.

4.  Luxury!
    Why not take your bathing or showering experience to the next level?  
    Using handmade soap can take this usually functional activity and
    make it enjoyable.  The rich lather and enjoyable scents are so
    luxurious, you won't want to wait to take your next bath or shower!

5.  Variety
    Where else can you find such a wide range of scents, colors, herbs
    and additives than from a handmade soapmaker?  Huron Valley Soap
    currently offers over 30 different varieties, many of which can't be
    found in a grocery or specialty store.  We also offer hard-to-find soaps
    such as Pine Tar Soap, Bug Away Soap and Morning Perk
    (caffeinated) Soap.
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