Most of the "soap" you buy in a supermarket isn't really soap at all, but a detergent!  A by-product of the soap-making process is glycerin,
which is an emollient.  An emollient softens and soothes the skin.

Glycerin is valuable and is often extracted during commercial soap-making to be sold for higher profit or to be used for other more profitable
products.  Once the glycerin is extracted, the "soap" becomes a detergent and the producer can no longer label it "soap", but must call it
something else, such as a "body bar" or "beauty bar".  

Handmade soap by Huron Valley Soap Company is made in small batches using the old-fashioned Cold Process method.  Our soaps still
have all of this wonderful glycerin inside the bar, providing for a higher quality product that is better for your skin.

You will also find that handmade soap will last a lot longer than most commercially made bars.  To make sure that your soap lasts as long as
possible, be sure to keep the bar as dry as possible when not in use.  
Why Handmade Soap?
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